When Do People Require Dental Cavity Fillings?

Dental Cavity Filling is a dental procedure that dentists perform to restore the structure of the missing tooth, which could have resulted from trauma or decay. Decaying makes the teeth hollow. Dental fillings help to fill the gap and protect it from further decaying. Dentists also use a dental filling to repair cracked or broken teeth and worn-out teeth due to grinding teeth, biting nails, etc. Some signs and symptoms indicate you need a Dental Filling Procedure. The symptoms could be as given below-

  • Dark spots on the tooth 
  • A hole in your mouth
  • Chipped or broken tooth
  • Food struck between the specific area of the teeth 
  • Single or multiple cavities
  • Sensitivity to hot and cold beverages 



What exactly is temporary tooth filling?


A Temporary Dental Filling is simply: a procedure to fix a broken tooth for the time being. These fillings do not last, so you'll need to make a follow-up appointment with your dentist to have the temporary filling changed with a permanent one as a semi-permanent solution. Dentists use temporary fillers at Dental Clinic Open On Saturday in specific circumstances. A temporary filling can place faster than a permanent filling. Suppose you have a cavity-causing significant, intense pain, and your dentist doesn't have time to put a permanent tooth filling. In that case, you can get a temporary filling as an emergency treatment.


What is the procedure of dental cavity filling?


We generally need Dental tooth filling to restore the tooth damage caused by tooth decay or infection in missing teeth gap. It can protect your tooth from further damage.


  • The first step of this procedure is to see how severe the tooth infection is. The cavity filling procedure is only suitable for minor decay and fractures. 
  • The Houston Dentist will examine your tooth and do an x-ray if necessary for the precise information.  
  • Depending upon the severity of the decay, the dentist will give you local anesthesia to numb the area around the infected tooth numb.  
  • If the tooth is damaged, the dentist uses a laser or dental handpiece to remove the damaged part of the tooth.  
  • Then the Best Dentist In Houston will apply the filling to fill the cavity. Which kind of filling the dentist will use depends on the severity of the case. 


What are the types of dental fillings dentists use to fill the cavity?


Dentists use various types of dental filling the teeth cavities. The kind of filling the dentist will use depends on factors such as a person being allergic to the material, etc., and the type of available fillings. 



  • Amalgam filling. These fillings are researched and frequently used by dental specialists for a long time. They are formed for a long time of a combination of metals and hence have high strength. 
  • Composite filling. These are the same shade of white as your teeth. If a person does not want to view their paperwork, this is the best option. It is suggested and appropriate for front teeth. It creates a strong bond with the tooth structure.  
  • Metal filling. This old age filling lasts for a long time. Silver is relatively affordable in this case. However, gold is the preferred option despite its high cost because it can endure chewing forces and survive for up to ten years. 



We hope that this information will help you learn about dental teeth fillings. In the above article, we discussed the requirement for dental teeth filling, temporary tooth filling, the procedure of dental cavity filling, types of dental cavity filling, and more. For more information, please check out dentistopenonsaturday.com 


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