What Do You Expect From Emergency Dental Services?

You need to go to an emergency dentist when you need emergency dental treatment. The first query is how will you get it? Dentists will carry out the emergency treatment if you have met with an unexpected accident and have lost a tooth in the process and the pain is unbearable. The dentist will offer you temporary relief to get rid of the acute pain so that the swelling can minimize and the bleeding can stop. In Emergency Dental Services you can expect the following:



Given a painkiller or antibiotics:


  • The temporary dressing was done on the damaged tooth
  • If the situation allows then simple extraction of a single tooth
  • Be referred to a specialist
  • Or simply given advice on how to handle the situation


What are the treatments that do not fall under the emergency category?


  • Loss of crown tooth
  • Chipped tooth
  • Lost filling and
  • General pain related to your teeth


An emergency situation does not follow these treatments:


  • Denture repairs
  • Complex extractions
  • Re-cementing of veneers
  • And permanent fillings


You may visit Dentist Open Saturday, in case you are busy on working days.


What are the things you should do in case of an emergency situation?


Always arrive before your appointment time. This means that you will have enough time to complete all the paperwork involved. Do carry your glasses if you need them.

In case you are entitled to free treatment, you will be asked to fill up a form, sign it, and then submit it so that you get medical insurance. Don't forget to carry the required documents for this.

You will have to fill a form having all information about your medical history and the medication you are on, recently.



When you choose an emergency medical treatment you will have to pay a certain amount of money, irrespective of whether you demand treatment or just advice. However, if you are entitled to NHS dental treatment then there is no need to pay the amount, but you will have to sign a document informing you of the same. In case you demand a treatment benefit to which you are not entitled, which is proved during verification, strict legal action may be taken against you. In fact, you will end up paying a fine which may be more than the cost of the treatment itself at emergency dental care near me.


There are great chances that the emergency dentist after the initial emergency treatment will ask you to visit a regular dentist for a follow-up procedure. We suggest that you arrange for this immediately. Your family must be having a regular dentist whom they visit for regular dental checkups visit him/her for a regular follow-up. You may make an appointment with Dentist Open On Weekends if your busy schedule creates obstructions for you. Never be too late if things are too serious to handle through the normal dental treatments.

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