Root Canal: Everything You Need To Know.

Finding out you need a root canal procedure can be a scary thing, especially if you don't know what to expect, how much it will hurt or how to prepare. Many people don't realize that there are resources available to specifically address the personal needs of this procedure. Many former Dentist In Houston and endodontists have created preparation tools that can drastically decrease the negative effects or hurt involved. If you have extensive tooth decay, can consult an Emergency Dental.


What Does a Root Canal Procedure Consist of?

It is a process designed to clean out the inner infection of a tooth before it spreads to the gums and facial bone structure. This also involves stabilizing the tooth through reinforcement or prosthetic replacement, usually consisting of a porcelain-type crown. This is done by a Root Canal Specialist to eliminate further spreading infection which is where the potential for major hurt really exists.

In highly simplistic descriptions:

  • The tooth is numbed.

  • A drill opens up the top of the tooth to expose the inner infection

  •  Other drills are used to then clean out the bulk of the inner infection and decay

  • Tiny files are then used to remove the smaller decay in the lower tooth canals

  • Rubber cones and liquid sealer then fill the empty root canals and crevices

  • Metal rods or posts may be installed in the sealed canals to strengthen the tooth & retain the filling

  • The weaker top and exterior portion of the tooth is then shaved away and replaced with a permanent crown.


Does a Root Canal Treatment Hurt?

Surprisingly to most, it is not nearly as painful as most anticipate. A root canal is still slightly strenuous, however. It is a much more difficult procedure and is much more involved than a standard cavity fill and this is why they are talked about so often.

There is actually more discomfort than pain with these procedures. You can be in that dental chair for 2 plus hours including the numbing process and depending on the procedure requirements. This can feel quite long for most individuals. There also can be some slightly vigorous movement of your head periodically through the procedure as your specialist needs to grind away the decay which sometimes takes force. You are not feeling pain, but you are sensing the annoying grinding of your inner tooth with files and drills. You also see and smell smoke as he or she burns the sealant and rubber periodically through the hour. Some people report nausea from the inner experience of vigorous tooth drilling in combination with the chemicals and smoke being used so close to their nose, mouth, and lungs. If you feel chronic toothache visit Dental Emergency.

How Long Does a Root Canal Procedure Take?

The numbing takes about a 1/2 hour and the procedure for one root canal takes about an hour. This is just the procedure itself, however. There are usually 2 visits required for root canals: one from your dentist and one procedure visit from the endodontist. 

It might happen that you feel pain in your teeth in the middle of the night in such a case, see Dental Emergency

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