What Do You Mean By Temporary Fillings?

Are you suffering from dental cavities? Then you are in the right place! Cavities are the result of sugary food, drinks that you are consuming, and not brushing or flossing your teeth after that which leads to the building of plague that is formed by bacteria in your mouth. If you are someone suffering from these dental problems mentioned above then you need to see an Emergency Dental Clinic immediately because these are some signs that require professional presence.


  1. If you can see holes in your  tooth
  2. If there is a brown or black stain on your teeth
  3. Suffering from tooth sensitivity
  4. Severe pain



Not many people know about this but Temporary Dental Filling can help you in replacing the damaged parts of your teeth that lead to preventing tooth decay. Yes, there is indeed a permanent tooth filling for the same cause, but there can be a chance where your doctor might treat your tooth decay with a temporary filling.

What’s a temporary filling?


Temporary fillings are just a simple treatment to restore your damaged tooth. This filling is not meant to last for months as by its name it is a semi-permanent solution. You can ask your dentist to replace your temporary filling with a permanent filling. If you are looking for a Saturday dentist near me because you are busy with your schedule then make sure to click on this link and connect to us. 

When are temporary fillings used?

The procedure time of temporary fillings are shooter  than permanent fillings, if you are thinking why dentist choose temporary instated of permanent then the only answer to this question is that these are quick from other fillings, in case if you suffering from a severe cavity and the emergency dentist doesn’t have time to put in a permanent filling in that case you can receive temporary fillings as an emergency treatment.


  1. Temporary cap for dental crowns
  2. Temporary seal after a root canal
  3. Temporary medicated filling to settle sensitive nerves

What’s a temporary filling made of?

As we mentioned above, temporary fillings don’t last long; this is why they are made from soft material that is easily removable at some point. Here are some materials that are used for a filling include:


  1. zinc oxide eugenol
  2. zinc phosphate cement
  3. glass ionomers
  4. Healing materials


Temporary fillings are colored as bright white, whitish-grey, or white with a blue or pink. Permanent fillings are made from natural tooth-colored whereas these temporary fillings have different colors because this difference can help your dentist locate the exact position of your filling for replacing it with the permanent one.


How long does a temporary filling last?

Temporary fillings don’t last for years, these fillings usually break down easily after some time and they also can crack and fall out if not replaced. The life of these temporary fillings depends on the material the fillings are created from which can vary from person to person but they can also last for a few weeks to a few months. Make sure to ask your dentist open on weekends near me about how long your temporary filling will last and when you need to get a permanent filling.

*Summing up*

We hope you liked this article and now you know why dentists use temporary fillings instead of permanent ones but if you are curious about something then make sure to visit our website. There are many other articles available on our website related to Root Canal Therapy or Veneers Houston so make sure to check it all out.


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