How Is A Root Canal Performed?

If you are also worried about your root canal infection? Or whether your dentists have informed you that you need a root canal? Together with all these illusions around the root canal therapy, you only hear out the root canal and start a panic. 

With this, we have mentioned all the essential answers to your questions through which many of you are going with. So, read on more to know about the basic details of the root canals.


What is a root canal?

Root Canal Treatment is a dental process that alleviates pain driven by an infected or abscessed tooth. At the time of the root canal process, the infected pulp is extracted. The surface inside the tooth is then cleaned and disinfected, and a filling is put to seal the space. 

When is a root canal needed?

It is essential when the oral bacteria overrun the pulp inside your tooth. Such a thing will normally occur when the cavity is left uncured for a long time. This is also required if the tooth becomes damaged or cracked due to trauma. 

What is the process of root canal treatment?

Following are the steps through which the Root Canal Specialist is successful in planning the treatment-

  1. Anesthetic

The dentists will set a small amount of numbing medication on the gums around the affected tooth. If this comes to an effect, then a local anesthetic will be inserted into the gums. One may feel an intense pinch and burning sensation, but this will go away quickly. 


The patients will be awake at the time of the process, but the anesthetic will only keep you away from the pain. 

  1.  Extracting the pulp

When the tooth is numb, then the Dentist Office Open On Saturday will ensure that small opening on the top of the teeth. When the infected pulp is detected, then the specialist will eliminate it with the use of special tools called files. Thus, this will specifically clean out all the canals in your tooth.  

  1. Antibiotics

Now when the pulp is extracted, then the dentists may coat it with a topical solution to make sure that the infection is gone and prevent reinfection. When the canals are cleaned and antiseptic, then the root canal dentists will search and seal the tooth with a sealer paste and rubber-like materials known as gutta-percha. This might get subscribed for oral antibiotics. 

  1. Quick filling

At last, the dentist will end the process by filling a small opening from the top of the teeth with a soft and temporary material. Thus, the sealant assists in preventing the canals from being damaged through saliva. 

How long does a root canal take?

It depends on the amount of infection of your tooth, the root canal therapy will need one or two appointments. The average time the root canal takes is 30-60 minutes. If one is going for treatment of a larger tooth with multiple roots, then it may take one and half hours. 

Are root canals safe?

According to the dentist open Saturday, root canals are a safe and effective treatment. The process will puff impressive success rates generally up to 98%. 


Hopefully, the above article has made you clear everything about the root canal procedure. Further, if you want to give it a try with root canal treatment, then the best and recommended place is Houston Dental EmergencyAlso, make sure that you visit our website!

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