Root Canal Procedure: When Is It Necessary?

With the advancement of dentistry, your dentist will determine the best possible way to preserve your natural teeth. Root Canal Procedure is a process where you can save your natural tooth and relieve your tooth pain. People may feel stressed after hearing the name of the process as they think it can cause lots of pain which is not true. Visit an Emergency Dentist if the pain is severe enough.


What is root canal therapy?


The root canal is a type of procedure that treats the infection spread due to the bacteria formation and helps you save your natural tooth. During this procedure, your Root Canal Specialist removes the damaged tooth pulp and cleans it. After cleaning, he/she reshape and replace it with a rubber-like material known as gutta-percha. If you follow the proper oral hygiene and care, the treated tooth can last for life long. Get the treatment from Emergency Dental Care if the severe pain arises all of a sudden and can’t help with OTC medicines.


Root Canal Treatment: An Overview;


Why can’t I just extract the tooth?


Tooth extraction may end in getting a prosthesis fixed that can cause multiple Root Canal Dentist visits compared to root canal therapy. There is no better alternative to save your natural tooth than a root canal. Saving a tooth is always a better choice than extraction.


Root canal therapies are painful!


It is a kind of misconception about the treatment, a root canal helps you get rid of severe pain. This treatment is not painful as it is conducted under the administration of anesthesia. Your dentist will first numb the affected area and then treat it. So, the procedure is painless. A vital fact about the treatment is that it eliminates the existing pain.   




Can I trust on medicines instead of getting a root canal treatment?


Medications are not the solution of the infected tooth pulp. A root canal can remove the pain permanently whereas the medications can relieve you for only three to six hours but the root cause of the pain is still there. Until and unless the source of the pain is not treated, you won’t get relieved of the chronic pain.


I am not feeling a toothache, why do I still need a root canal?


Root canal therapy is recommended when the extension of infection reaches your pulp. Pain is not the only factor that helps determine whether you need a root canal or not. Because some patients might require root canal therapy even when you won’t experience any pain. The longer you leave the decayed part untreated, the more you are risking your natural tooth health.  



Root canals require repetitious dentist visits:


The treatment recommendations depend on the severeness of the infection. If the damage is not very serious, the treatment can be completed in fewer appointments. But if the damage is extensive, you may require multiple visits. Almost all root canals can be completed in an hour. If the tooth is heavily infected, only in that situation you will be required to visit more dentists.


Can I opt for the dental filling instead of root canal therapy?


If you opt for a dental filling instead of root canal therapy, it will be a waste of your time and money.  If the tooth infection is minimal, your dentist may recommend tooth filling. Once the damage has been extended to the pulp, it becomes necessary to have root canal treatment.


Will the pain go away immediately after a root canal treatment?


The tooth will be diminished after the treatment. The treatment can be completed between a few days to a few weeks for getting vanished permanently. Pain after the treatment will be manageable with a few over-the-counter medications.

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