FAQ(Frequently Asked Questions) About Invisalign Treatment:

FAQ(Frequently Asked Questions) About Invisalign Treatment:

According to experts, the Invisalign Houston treatment method is gaining rapidly increasing interest as a substitute treatment option in complex dental cases. Before making your final choice to go for this relatively new brand, you'll no doubt be having several questions about it.


Below we try to handle some of the most common questions about the Invisalign Treatment Houston technique.


  1. Will I Be Wearing Aligners Throughout?


For faster treatment, you're expected to be wearing your Invisalign Clear Aligners 24/7. The only privileges would be when you're brushing your teeth, eating, drinking, or smoking. This would imply that you'll be holding the aligners on for between 20 and 22 hours daily. Yet, burdensome as this might appear, when compared with other types or brands of braces that are worn 24 hours daily, you should really view this as a major advantage.


  1. Can I Remove Them For Special Occasions?


You could remove your dental aligners for your special events like hard sports, but you must understand that this has the effect of slowing down your Invisalign Near Me treatment. Non-compliance to your dental plan is a big deal that not only delays treatment but could also trigger a relapse. It also could possibly necessitate a whole new set of aligners and more expenses.



  1. Will The Aligners Affect My Talking?


Wearing aligners could have some effect on your speech. Happily, for the majority, this isn't an issue that lasts. In a study, it has been proven that compared to other appliances, although Invisalign patients tended to complain of comparatively high pain levels during the initial days after insertion; they, however, had the lowest level of other oral symptoms, oral dysfunction, and disturbances.



  1. For How Many Days Do I Have To Wear Them?


According to the experts, you'll generally put on each set of aligners for roughly 2 weeks, but in some instances longer. Since the orthodontist will need to be watching your journey, he or she will schedule checkup appointments for you every 4 to 6 weeks. During each checkup, your orthodontist will send you home with extra sets of aligners.


  1. What Happens During My Check-Up Appointments?


In the majority of cases, the checkup appointments are quite short. They might just entail your dentist having a look at your teeth and taking down some notes. Occasionally, however, it could include some kind of minor dental procedure.


  1. How Many Sets Of Aligners Will I Need?


The precise number of dental aligners which each patient will need varies from case to case. However, this number of aligners is something that gets determined at the treatment planning stage. Therefore, if you're interested in knowing, just inquire from your dentist. They'll be having this number on your client file.


According to a conducted survey, on average, the classic Invisalign treatment case may need between 20 and 30 sets of aligners, although, at the extremes, the number could be as few as 10 or up towards 50.


  1. How long Is The Treatment?


You may expect that your treatment will take approximately as long as if you were using traditional braces. Some published reports have suggested that Invisalign could take a shorter time. You'll just have to inquire from your orthodontist to explain to you about their experiences with cases similar to yours.


  1. What is Invisalign Treatment Cost?


Average Cost Of Invisalign:


Type of Invisalign Treatment

Average cost

Price Range


Traditional Invisalign



Invisalign Teen



Invisalign Express





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