What Are The Common Dental Emergencies?



You can concider toothache as a part of dental emergencies. A toothache is never a good sign because it could be a sign of many different problems, including tooth decay. Additionally, while you can manage some toothaches without needing emergency care, some symptoms, including swelling, call for prompt attention. Avoid taking aspirin, and other medications, as meeting with the affected gums might cause the nerve or tissue to burn. Alternatively, use a cold compress outside your cheek and make an emergency dental clinic call.


broken or knocked-out tooth


Like how you would handle a broken or chipped tooth, pick up the tooth by the crown and only rinse the root if it is unclean. According to dental emergencies Houston, Avoid rubbing and removing connected tissue fragments if possible. Depending on the damage, you can replace the tooth, but be careful not to push it into the socket. Your chances of preserving and reattaching a fallen tooth increase the faster you do it, ideally within an hour. Fractured or chipped teeth


Fractured or chipped teeth


Did you bite down a little too firmly? A cracked or broken tooth can hurt and spoil your lovely smile. You should use warm water to rinse your mouth and cover the bleeding area with gauze. Then, to lessen swelling and ease pain, apply a cool compress to the area of your face closest to the broken or cracked tooth. Your emergency dental Houston tx dentist will urge you to avoid biting down on hard or crunchy foods and engaging in sports or other activities that could chip or shatter teeth while seeking emergency dental care.

Lost crown or filling


The best possible look and function are returned to previously harmed teeth with crowns and fillings. To prevent further damage or reinfection, you must treat these as soon as they break. While you are waiting for emergency dental care, try this temporary solution. To avoid damaging the tooth, fill the cavity with sugarless gum but do not attempt to repair it yourself. To reapply for the restoration or receive a new crown, you may place it in a zip-top bag and bring it to your emergency dental care Houston office.




Mouth infections are problematic, particularly near a tooth's root or between the gums and teeth. These can infect surrounding teeth, gum tissue, and the entire body if you leave them untreated. Uncertain whether you have an abscess? Look for a sore, pimple-like bump on your gums. Call the dental office open on Saturday immediately for emergency care to prevent worsening oral health issues. For momentary convenience, rinse your mouth with a mild water solution and put ice on the painful spot.


Pain and bleeding following tooth extraction


Although some post-operative discomfort and bleeding are common, it's time to visit your dental office with Saturday hours if they continue even an hour later. In the interim, apply gentle pressure by biting down on a thick gauze pad placed over the extraction site. Avoid drinking, eating, and sucking. You should also avoid spitting, smoking, and spitting.




In the above-given information, we discussed some dental emergencies requiring medical attention. For more valuable information, please visit dentistopenonsaturday.com.

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